We provide creative and original events

A MICE agency is particularly oriented to businesses. It is based on a thorough knowledge of the destination and provides consulting, creative and original events with exemplary management of logistics.

Its role is primarily to look for sites, to create original programs based on a professional event type, while respecting the constraints of cost and time of the client.

The term sometimes overused, INCENTIVE, results in benefits, often an ostentatious luxury, placed end to end with the goal : impress the participants spend the client’s budget.

Our vision is different, but rather to create a trip that “the Spirit” will be a mix of lifestyle and well-being to provide participants with the scenery, emotions, and a strong sense of travel exclusively designed for them. Feel called upon our senses.

Example : See, Hear & Taste

Violin concerto on South Rime of the Grand Canyon at sunset punctuated by a glass of champagne.


• The View : Sublime sunset over the Grand Canyon.

• The Hearing : Soaring Music with Concerto for 3 violins.

• Taste : Frenzy papillae in contact with champagne bubbles . 

How motivate your employees ?

It seems that the “incentive trips” are still the best ways to develop loyal employees, interesting, right ? Loyalty, is the new holy grail of business !

Maintain and increase motivation in a company turns a permanent concern of leaders.

Source of encounters and emotions, travel is definitely a powerful tool for achieving this goal.

Our expertise in the tourism business allows us to organize trips specifically designed to arouse your participants recognizing the inviting company.

Example : Surprise Flashmob in Miami

• A public place.

• A group of 5-20 dancers choreography starts without warning on a lively music, the dancers remove their jacket to reveal a T-shirt in the colors of the company. The performance lasts a few minutes.

• Final : The company invites participants to join them.

• A videographer captures the fleeting and surprising scene.