We propose different travels for groups

Travelling in a group is not always possible to discover a destination in its entirety or its authenticity, especially in a large country like the USA. For you, we carefully selected the most popular routes including major attractions groups. We know that customers are often more attracted by the price by destination. We try to offer attractive rates, but it will never be at the expense of safety and quality. For us the most important person in the group will be the one who will guide, good guides are rare and reserve ahead of time, think about it when you book your next group.

We are followers of customized trip, however, we have created a range of standard routes that we classified into 3 categories.

Just ask us details of circuits and we will pass you.


For a first trip to the U.S., a quick and easy discovery.

• USA West Los Angeles-San Francisco.

• Weekend in New York

• Discovery of Florida.



Intended for experienced participants, who know America and who wish to leave the beaten path.

• Circuit Arizona-New Mexico-Colorado

• Louisiana and Texas Circuit.

• Circuit Utah-Wyoming


For Aficionados.

• Jazz and Blues Tour: Louisiana-Mississippi-Tennessee.

• The major museums of the East Coast

• Florida Harley Davidson

• The American West on a Harley Davidson.

• Weekend Architecture in Chicago.